1. The meeting was gaveled to order by Grand Knight Arthur Knight at 7:00pm.
  2. The Acting Warden vouched that all present were current members.
  3. The opening prayer was recited.
  4. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.
  5. Acting Recorder Eugene Scribe conducted the roll call of officers and reported the following:

    (P)resent | (A)bsent | (E)xcused | (V)acant
    Grand Knight - Arthur KnightP Deputy Grand Knight - Merlin KnightP
    Past Grand Knight - VacantV Chaplain - VacantV
    Chancellor - VacantV Recorder - VacantV
    Financial Secretary - Cornelius KnightP Lecturer - VacantV
    Treasurer - VacantV Advocate - VacantV
    Warden - VacantV Inside Guard - VacantV
    Outside Guard - Mordred KnightP 1 Year Trustee - VacantV
    2 Year Trustee - VacantV 3 Year Trustee - VacantV
    District Deputy - Mr. District DeputyA
    Present: 4 - Absent: 1 - Excused: 0 - Vacant Positions: 12

    The Grand Knight advised that he had appointed the following acting officers for the meeting:
    Acting Recorder - Eugene Scribe Acting Warden - Bob Knight

  6. Chaplain's Report

    1. Report - Things are picking up around the parish in preparation for Christmas. All Knights are thanked for their contributions.

  7. The minutes of the October 19, 2017 meeting were approved as with the following corrections:
    The amount donated in item 5 was $100 not $200.

  8. Report of Admission Committee and Reading of Applications
    1. Report - One proposed member has been located.

    2. Application of Young Squire for New Membership - Sponsored by Arthur Knight

  9. Balloting for Membership

    1. Application of Young Squire was approved

  10. Initiations

    The following persons where iniatiated into the Order as Knights in the First Degree:

    Young Squire

  11. Grand Knight's Report

    1. Report - The Charity Appeal is well under way. Thank you to all who are helping.

    2. Motion: that the Grand Knight's report be accepted.
      Moved by: Arthur Knight / Seconded by: Merlin Knight
      Upon a vote the motion was Carried.

  12. Account Balances

    Chq $5,524.22
    Savings $9,132.00

  13. Receipts and Vouchers

    The Grand Knight read the following:

    Receipts of Treasurer to Financial Secretary:

    Dues $200.00

    Treasurer’s Voucher of Deposit

    Dues $50.00

  14. Reading of Bills and Communications

    1. Supreme - A letter was received from the Supreme Council regarding the Coats for Kids program.

    2. Action Item: The trustees will follow up with Supreme on the outstanding Coats for Kids order.

  15. Receipts of Meeting

    The Financial Secretary reported on the following receipts of the meeting:
    Dues $200.00
  16. Report of Auditors and Trustees

    1. Donations - The trustees review all requests for assistance and recommend each as follows.

    2. Motion: that $200 be donated to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper program.
      Moved by: Trustee Knight / Seconded by: Bob Knight

      Motion to amend: that the amount be changed from $200 to $500.
      Moved by: Bob Knight / Seconded by: Arthur Knight
      Upon a vote the motion to amend was Carried.

      Amended Motion: that $500 be donated to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Hamper program.
      Upon a vote the motion was Carried as amended with 12 in favour and 2 opposed.

      Action Item: Bob Knight will deliver the cheque to SSVdP tomorrow.

  17. Chancellor's Report on Vocations - No Report

  18. Report of Service Program Committes - No Reports

  19. Old Business - None

  20. New Business

    1. Christmas Dinner - A discussion about the Christmas dinner catering resulted in many suggestions for the committee.

  21. Good of the Order

    The Grand Knight asked if any brother present knew of a member of the council, or an unassisted brother of the Order, sick or in distress. The following names were put forward and the council joined in a prayer for their well being:

    Ail Knight

    The Grand Knight turned conduct of the meeting over to the Worthy Lecturer for the enjoyment, edification, and instruction of all present.

    1. Lesson - A lesson on the Luminous Mysteries was presented.

    The Grand Knight reassumed conduct of the meeting.

  22. The closing prayer was said by all.
  23. Grand Knight Arthur Knight declared the meeting adjourned at 8:06pm.
  24. Minutes recorded by Acting Recorder Eugene Scribe.